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The perfect boat for smaller paddlers, the Venus 10 is a super lightweight, easy-to-transport kayak designed for free-spirited women.

  • Comfort Hybrid seat featuring a comfortable seat back height for additional lumbar support
  • Lightweight hull design for easy transport
  • Tank well with bungee
  • Paddle holder located on right side of the kayak and includes a pull tab for ease in releasing and attaching the bungee to the bungee button
  • Seat well designed to accommodate  female center of gravity
  • Low deck profile perfect for women
  • Rigid center handle as part of unique car-topping handle system for easy car-topping
  • Side mounted carry handles and bow/stern toggle handles
  • Screw-in drain plug
  • Skid plate


  •  Material           Single Layer Polyethylene

  •  Specialty         Women's

  •  Length             9 ft 9.96 in | 3 m

  • Width               28 in | 71.1 cm

  • Total Weight Capacity                      The total weight a boat can support on the                                                               water including everything – the Assembled                                                             Boat, People, Gear, Dog, Motor/Pedal                                                                       Console (when applicable) and 75 lb. Lead-                                                             acid Battery (when required). • 175 lb | 79.38                                                           kg

  •  Usable Weight Capacity                  The weight that is left for People, Gear, and                                                             Dog after accounting for the weight of the                                                              Assembled Boat and 75 lb. Lead-acid Battery                                                           (when required). • 135 lb | 61.24 kg

  •  Assembled Boat Weight                 The boat’s weight including everything Ocean                                                           Kayak supplies with the boat - Hull,                                                                           Hardware, Seat, Accessories and Motor/Pedal                                                           console (when applicable). • 40 lb | 18.144 kg

  •  Removable Seat Weight                 2 lb | 0.91 kg

  •  Seat Width                                     19 in | 48.2 cm

  •  Hatches •                                        None

  •  Number of Paddlers                        Solo

  •  Propulsion                                       Paddle