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BOLT 80 (2PC LL)

The Bolt Standard and Bolt Slim utilize the same new blade used on the Maliko, which is a shorter and wider (LAR) shape. This paddle is excellent for all-around recreation paddling, SUP surfing, and SUP foiling. The Bolt is offered in both standard and slim shaft, ensuring an excellent fit for any paddler. This shaft is softer than the Maliko, which makes it very comfortable for everyday paddlers and beginners. Once cut to the appropriate length, the Lever Lock adjustment system allows you to maximize your paddling comfort and versatility. The shaft and blade have a higher glass composition, so while slightly heavier than the Maliko and Battle, the higher glass content makes the Bolt very durable. The shaft is compatible with both SIC's Ergo2 CTL grip and Lever Lock adjustable grip.

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  • BLADE SIZES 80 AND 90 SQ. INCHES And Low Aspect Ratio (LAR - shorter and wider than Battle). Shape made of 65% carbon & 35% glass prepreg, ABS, PU core
  • EXCELLENT FOR ALL-AROUND RECREATION PADDLING, SUP SURFING, AND SUP FOILING The carbon glass blend makes for a light yet durable blade
  • FLEX: 45 MM, MADE OF 65% CARBON & 35% GLASS PREPREG, NON-SLIP TEXTURE Soft flex for comfortable for everyday paddlers and beginners
  • SHAFT LENGTH - CTL 87"/221CM Cut shaft to fit your size
  • STANDARD SHAFT DIAMETER For a traditional paddling feel in hand
  • LEVER LOCK W/ ABS T2-GRIP Adjust paddle length when you need it
  • SHAFT COMPATIBLE WITH ERGO2 GRIP OR LEVER LOCK ADJUSTABLE GRIP (26 MM - LL SOLD SEPARATELY) Lightest weight or maximum adjustability - 6"/15.2cm